Our annual gathering of educators, librarians, writers, and artists looks different this year. How can it not? Instead of our traditional conference, we are hosting a Virtual Exhibit for the month of February that will culminate on the last Saturday (our traditional conference day)
in an Online-Synchronous Day of Conversations.

We have invited all CLC past presenters
to contribute artwork around themes of
Art as Protest / Art in the Time of Covid
-- Registration opens in December! --

Virtual Exhibit
February 1 – 28, 2021 
Opens on Monday, February 1st 

  • FREE to access – view the Artwork Gallery of images, text, poetry, and videos
  • Reflect, Rebel, Reposition, Respond
  • Consider the artwork with colleagues, students, friends, and youth

Online-Synchronous Day of Conversations
Saturday, February 27, 2021
Registration opens in December

  • Mediated conversations around themes and ideas that emerge from the Virtual Exhibit
  • Listen, Learn, Lurk, Lean-in
  • A registration charge is required for planning purposes
These past CLC presenters will contribute to the Virtual Exhibit and some of them will join us for the Day of Conversations – keep checking for more! 
Pat Mora, Marla Frazee, Ben Saenz, Steve Sheinkin, Melissa Sweet, Chris Raschka, Matt Phelan, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Jenni Holm, Joyce Sidman, Nina Laden, Candy Fleming, Lois Lowry, David Wiesner, Kirby Larson, Janet Wong, Eric Rohmann, Emily Arnold McCully, John Rocco
Continue to save the last weekend in February for a Children’s Literature Extravaganza!
Details coming in October!